Tories Are Crooks & Murderers No Matter What The CPS Say

Conservatives-DisabilityI wonder if my friend Emily Brothers would be willing to lend the Crown Prosecution Service her white stick as it’s pretty obvious the CPS are blinder then she is to the fact the Tories are crooks! The CPS cleared the Tories on all but one count of electoral fraud (there is still supposedly an ongoing investigation going on in the South Thanet constituency) following an exhaustive investigation by Channel 4 News into the Tories 2015 General Election Campaign. Some might think (correctly) the announcement CPS have pretty much cleared the Tories over allegations of electoral fraud might be a tad suspicious, I mean it does clear the Tories just in time so they again fraudulently cheat their way to another election victory in 2017 & odds on they will definitely do so, but as it goes we don’t need the CPS to whitewash & cover up Tory election fraud for us to know the Tories are crooks & believe me the Tories committing electoral fraud is the least of their crimes.


How many photos are there of Jimmy Saville giving his support to Margret Thatcher? How many photos are there of Margret Thatcher giving mutual support to General Pinochet (he was the Chilean dictator who killed thousands in the 1970s & 80s)? We know the party which spiv crooks like Mike Ashley & Philip Green support! Oh then there’s Iain Duncan Smith the chief executioner of tens of thousands of peeps with disabilities. We don’t need the CPS, we already know the Tories are crooks, the party which is supported by tax dodgers, child abusers & murderers.


Earlier this week Iain Duncan Smith was rapping ITV’s Good Morning program when the Tory cunt should be rotting in prison cell for crimes against humanity for the thousands of peeps with disabilities he’s responsible for murdering & since Iain Duncan Smith resigned as DWP Sectary it’s not as if the Tories have let up in the number of peeps with disabilities they’re slaughtering by proxy with their brand of welfare reform, the last figure I heard was 80,000 peeps with disabilities have now died as a consequence of the Tories welfare reform program, Hitler would be proud of what the Tories have done & will carry on doing if they’re returned to government on June 8th.


80,000, 180,000, 8 million, it doesn’t really matter the number of peeps with disabilities the Tories have killed so far or will kill if returned to government, peeps will come June 8th vote for Tory cunts regardless, the sad thing isn’t just no one seems to care about the genocide (well what else would you fucking call it) against disabled peeps, its that the very peeps benefiting from the mass slaughter of peeps with disabilities are the very same peeps shafting many of those who will be foolish enough to vote Tory come June 8th, the tax dodging bankers who crashed the world economy back in 2007/08, the tax dodging spiv business men like Philip Green, oh & mass slaughter of peeps with disabilities isn’t just a cost cutting exercise to give the 1% tax cuts but as a means of distracting the many from all the means the few are actually shafting them!


That’s it, go on, walk down to your polling station June 8th & vote Tory, whilst at it why don’t you take any person disabilities you happen to know out to the woods & shoot them in the back of the fucking head, well if you going to vote Tory you might as well because voting Tory is essentially signing the death warrant for many peeps with disabilities.