The Labour Manifesto Is A Manifesto With Heart!

labourbusSo what if a draft of the Labour’s GE2017 manifesto was leaked to the press, because what that draft contains is a reflection of what a government with a heart would do, oh I like the proposals detailed in this manifesto, I like these proposals a lot, this would be the manifesto (with a few tweaks here & there) which I’d of written, this is the Labour manifesto more then any other Labour election published since I was old enough to vote which I can endorse & support.


The proposals sketched in Labour’s GE2017 draft manifesto are what this country has been crying out for, though of course the Tory mainstream media has condemned it as proposing to take this country back to the 1970s, when in fact this is the election manifesto with more them a creditable proposal to move us successfully onwards to the 2070s, the Labour election manifesto is about investing in the future of this country, building new council housing in the hundreds of thousands, scrapping university tuition fees, £6billion more for the NHS, properly funded social care, no more victimisation of peeps with disabilities, no more selling guns & bombs to despotic regimes with fuck all respect for human rights, nationalisation of the railways & the postal service, all funded by the many having their day of reckoning upon the greed of the wealthy few.


I’m actually glad the Labour’s GE2017 manifesto was leaked because me thinks the sooner the better the electorate hears what Labour is proposing to successfully move this country forward, Labour are proposing a lot of great ideas & now it’s up to Labour activists to sell these more then fucking awesome ideas to the wider electorate, to do so Labour have themselves a big red campaign bus with FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW painted on the side of it, you might have noticed it at the official launch of Labour’s GE2017 campaign, Unlike the Liberal Democrat campaign bus, the wheels on the Labour election campaign bus will go round & round & won’t fall off & the Labour election campaign bus knows which direction it travels particularly as we have an election manifesto with a socialist heart!