Theresa May On The One Show Sofa (yet more proof she’s a coward)

theresamayoneshowSo yesterday evening Theresa May & hubby were getting cosy on the BBC’s One Show sofa & for some inexplicable reason I unfortunately missed this broadcast event, well actually its not that inexplicable, I just didn’t want to watch Theresa May all cosy with her husband on the One Show sofa fearing it was going to be a total soft peddle & sickly sweet interview which with the usual pro Tory bias of the BBC would have had me frothing at the mouth.


Of course some will now criticize me for somehow not fulfilling my duty as a political commentator, to which my response is fuck you, because I don’t get paid to write anything which I write & so I’ll do as I please & write about what I want to & as it goes I’ve been keeping up with Jeremy Corbyn campaigning whilst Theresa May has been doing fluffy soft peddle interviews.


Yes whilst Theresa May has been on the One Show sofa, Jeremy Corbyn has been out on the election stump, campaigning in Salford, campaigning in Wythenshawe, campaigning in Ashton-Under-Lyne, as well as giving a barnstorming speech at the official launch of Labour’s General Election Campaign, because Jeremy Corbyn unlike Theresa May isn’t a fucking coward, he wants to get out there on the election trail & speak to the people.


From what I’ve heard there are now even some Tories muttering under their breath that Theresa May is a fucking coward, that she’s evasive, weak & pathetic! There’s no finer illustration of how cowardly & evasive & pathetic Theresa May happens to be then Theresa May willingness to sit on the One Show sofa for a fluffy soft interview but her unwillingness to share a stage with the leaders of the other major political parties & be challenged about the Tories dismal record in government.


Every chance May has had this general election campaign she’s been bollocking on about strong leadership, but strong leadership ain’t what she’s projecting, I mean if she was such a ‘strong leader’ she’d have no problem taking on the leaders of other political parties in a TV debate, but it’s obvious she has an issue in doing so because she’s a fucking coward & thus evasive as fuck.