The Tories Actually have Policies?!?!?

foxhuntingNever mind addressing number of peeps sleeping rough, never mind addressing the increasing number of working families relying upon food banks, never mind the crisis in the NHS, never mind the lack of social care for peeps who are sick or disabled, nah Theresa May thinks it more important to repeal the ban on fox hunting.


I guess I should somehow be thankful after all my criticism about a lack of policy commitments from Theresa May & the Tories, that the Tories have now made some sort of policy commitment even its unsurprisingly that old Tory chestnut about the freedom to chase a furry creature across the British countryside. Maybe it’s the Afrikaner in me & hunting & fishing being part of the culture a grew up with as to why I don’t really give a crap about toffs hunting foxes or maybe it’s that I actually think there are far more important issues for MPs to be debating in parliament, you know stuff like ensuring kids don’t starve & elderly peeps get decent healthcare, etc, etc.


Yes fox hunting is absolutely barbaric, but I’d rather toffs got their blood lust from dressing up in ridiculous outfits & chasing a furry creature across the countryside then getting any sadistic jollies from persecuting peeps who are sick & disabled, but its not as if I’m any friend of toffs wanting to hunt foxes, I’m sure there’s plenty who are sadistic enough to gladly hunt foxes & persecute peeps with disabilities & what I don’t get is you’d of thought there are far more important issues for folk in rural parts to be concerned about come election time then the freedom to hunt foxes in ridiculous outfits, I mean you’d of thought issues in rural Britain like poverty & a lack of essential services would be far more important issues then fucking fox hunting.


The other policy announcement I’ve heard from the Tories is actually interesting as it’s a bit Marxist, well Marxist according to the Tories circa 2015, yes I do remember David Cameron the then PM accusing Labour of being barmy Marxists for proposing a freeze on energy prices & yet now the Tories are pretty much proposing the same policy but calling it a cap on energy prices. Ah so when Ed Miliband & Labour proposed capping energy prices it was baaaad, it was Marxist dogma gone mad (actually its not & that comes from somebody schooled in Marxian economic theory), but when the Tories propose it then it’s a ‘necessary intervention in the market’, oh the stench of hypocrisy is fucking suffocating then some.


So yeah, the Tories are now making policy commitments & I guess I should be thankful for that at least, however they’re either policies they’ve nicked from another party having first pooh-poohed the policy when it was suggested by that particular opposition party or there just shit policies which really aren’t a fucking priority in dealing with the problems of modern Britain.