The Lib Dems Have A Big Campaign Bus In The Back Of Which Their Leader Will Probably Be Wanking Over Photos Of Margret Thatcher

I hear the Liberal Democrats have got libdembusthemselves a big campaign bus, I wonder do the wheels go round & round, though more likely the wheels will fall off as it usually does with any Lib Dem General Election campaign.


I bet the driver of the Lib Dems campaign bus will quickly get the fucking hump as the Lib Dems won’t actually be able to give them any definite directions, they’ll likely be given continuously different directions as often as the wind changes pretty much like the Lib Dem party itself changes direction & policy every 5 fucking minutes, bet the driver of the Lib Dem campaign bus will get completely lost & confused as to which direction the Lib Dems want to travel, just as much as the electorate are confused as to what the Lib Dems actually stand for!


I wonder if the Lib Dem campaign bus will have a private compartment, so Tim Farron can have quick a wank over pictures of Margret Thatcher, yes apparently David Cameron wasn’t the only politician who in their youth was masturbating over pictures of Margret Thatcher (anybody remember that Jonathan Ross interview), Tim Farron was also having lustful fantasies about Maggie, hmm wonder if it was quicker for Tim Farron to finger himself fantasising about shagging Maggie Thatcher then it took him to decide that gay sex wasn’t a sin.


Well whilst Tim Farron might be jerking off about infamous Tory politicians, Vince Cable has been suggesting peeps vote Labour, yeah I shit you not, Vince Cable has advised peeps vote Labour, its certainly brilliant advice, thanks Vince, but it kind of begs the question along with Tim Farron’s masturbatory activities whether any Lib Dems actually support the err Lib Dems?


The Lib Dems truly are hoot, you can’t take them seriously, I mean Vince Cable is trying to retake the seat he had as MP prior to 2015 in Twickenham, by advising peeps to vote for another opposition party!


I’m not a Lib Dem, but like Vince I do advise voting Labour & definitely not to vote Lib Dem as you can’t trust them! The Lib Dems are the party which says one thing & does another, as we all found out in 2010 when they posed as progressive & yet jumped into bed with the Tories so they could purely have the kodus of being government, helping to kill thousands of sick & disabled peeps & not even getting electoral reform as a trade-off which has been the one policy Lib Dems have actually consistently campaigned for.