Feeling Weird About UKP

UKIPYesterday UKIP announced their immigration policy & unaspiringly it added up to immigrants are baaaad, I mean you’d not expect any different from UKIP, they are after all the party of bigots for bigots & as they’ve become more desperate for votes its been pretty obvious they’ve become more bigoted in their rhetoric.


I despise Nigel Farage, I despise Paul Nuttall, I despise UKIP, because I despise homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic, Antisemitic, emotive far-right paranoid conspiracy theorist bigots, all of which Nigel Farage & Paul Nuttall & the entirety of UKIP happen to be, but weirdly I’m mourning UKIP’s dramatic electoral collapse which we begun to see unravel at the local elections.


Yes I’ve fought UKIP & their brand of bigotry with all my party & thus long hoped for the day when the party electorally collapsed, but here we are in the aftermath of UKIP’s electoral collapse at the local elections & with the general election to come, I’m feeling weirdly mournful about the collapse of UKIP, I’m mournful because it’s pretty obvious that UKIP were helping to divide the Tory vote & in fact were helping to improve the Tories attitude towards various social issues.


Prior to the Brexit vote, it wasn’t just the issue of EU membership which was driving social-conservative bigoted Tories towards UKIP. When David Cameron decided to support the expansion of same-sex-marriage, this drove away social-conservative Tories to support UKIP who of course being bigoted dicks opposed same-sex-marriage, I remember at the time saying that the Tories were better off without the homophobic Christian conservative fuckwits, they were just holding the Tories back in the 1950s when it came to social issues as UKIP have illustrated so well.


UKIP divided the Tory vote by acting as the Tories shithole essentially, that place where you can shove all the most extreme conservative puss & nastiness, but now that is over & the extremely nasty party has merged back into the moderately nasty party & the Tories are certainly benefiting electorally but as a consequence various oppressed minorities might not.